Auger Flight Technologies


We manufacture true form sectional auger flights with our specialised custom made equipment. Our specialised machinery and equipment can form auger flights straight from wear plate in tough materials such as hardox and bisalloy.

We can manufacture auger flights with an outer diameter of up to 4m in upto 40mm plate thickness. We can also provide internal diameters in square form for increased stability of the auger tool.

Our technology allows complete flexibility in the design of auger flights. We can achieve faster production times in manufacturing auger flights, which saves time for our clients.

With unrivalled quality, our auger flights are cut and formed to fit. The flanges are perpendicular to the shaft with a uniform pitch angle. Our true form auger flights ensure the efficiency of manufacture of end products using our auger flights. In particular, our true form auger flights compliment robotic welding processes and help to ensure weld integrity.

"We manufacture and supply true form auger flights for use in the equipment or tool itself or we can manufacture the full equipment or tool based on the clients design requirements"

Manufactured to precision

Our auger flights are manufactured to precision and provide a consistent auger pitch required to maintain efficiency and consistency of feed rates over the length of a screw conveyor system.

Clearance between flight and inside diameter of casing is critical when using different commodities and our equipment and technology enables us to achieve uniformity of clearance up to the precision of plus minus 2mm. One of the great advantages of true form augerflights is the angle between the shaft and auger always remains perpendicular that creates uniform welding joints through out the auger length.


Our true from sectional auger flights can be used in many equipment applications;

  • Drilling and Mining Augers
  • Screw Conveyors
  • Archimedes Screws
  • Paver Machine Augers
  • Concrete Mixer Truck Drum Augers
  • Sweeping Screws
  • Farming Equipment Augers