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We carry out the design and fabrication of vertical drain installation masts at our workshop facility in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Vertical drain installation masts can be custom designed to meet the various technical requirements of a project in terms of soil conditions, installation depth, production rate, etc.

Manufactured complete with the mandrel required to achieve optimum production on site and the versatility to use with a range of base machines, our vertical drain installation masts are built for performance.

Our vertical drain installation masts contain computerized measurement and GPS systems programmed by German manufacturer Gamperl and Hatlapa to ensure precision during the vertical drain installation process.

"Built for performance, our equipment is designed and manufactured to overcome the technical demands of any vertical drainage project"

Installation Service

With the expertise of our ground engineering contracting subsidiary and our in house equipment manufacturing capabilities, we offer a full design and installation service to clients who require vertical drainage solutions.

Our ground engineering team are available to execute projects internationally.


Vertical drainage systems can be used as a soil improvement solution in a wide range of civil, construction and geotechnical applications:

  • Roads, bridges and railway lines
  • Airports, marine ports and quay walls
  • Buildings