Repair & Maintenance

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Screw conveyors, screw presses, agitators, mixers and drilling tools

We offer repair and maintenance services for screw conveyor and screw press systems, agitators, mixers and drilling tools that are unrivalled within the GCC region.

We have the capability to replace worn or damaged auger flights with our own manufactured true form auger flights.

With our specialist equipment we can form auger flights to a precise pitch from plate thickness of up to 40mm with up to 4m outer diameter in hard to manage materials such as hardox and bisalloy.

Our true form auger flights are more accurate, better quality, longer lasting and help to reduce future maintenance requirements for our clients.

Also, with our true form auger flights installed within our clients equipment and tools, common problems experienced within their system processes are prevented, saving our clients time and money in the long run.

"We provide a consultation service to our clients in order to assess the efficiency of their equipment and provide solutions to help increase performance of their plant and machinery assets."

Heavy lifting Equipment

For heavy lifting equipment, we provide repair and maintenace to undercarriage, uppercarriage and boom repair and certification.

Our crane boom repair and certification services include repairs to lattice booms and telescopic booms. We use high grade material and certified welders to carry out the repairs. All repairs are third party certified in compliance with local laws.

All crane boom repair services are carried out in our work shop facilities.

Drilling Equipment

When it comes to drilling equipment, we can offer repair and maintainence to a range of equipment including piling and rotary drilling rigs, horizontal boring rigs, exploration rigs, mining rigs, etc.

With our experienced tradesmen, we can carry out repairs to gear boxes, hydraulic systems, engines and electric component.

All crane boom repair services are carried out in our work shop facilities in partnership with Avezaat cranes BV.