Water Jet Blasting Equipment

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We can provide custom made solutions for clients who require ultra high pressure jet blasting equipment with different working pressure and flow rate combinations, as per customer or job requirements.

Containerized systems for easy transport and explosion Proof (ATEX Compliant) machines, for use in environments where explosion proof machinery is a requirement are also available upon request.

We are the stocking point for Combijet Jetblasting equipment in the UAE. We have a stock of jet blasting equipment ranging from 500 bar to 1500 bar.

All jet blasting equipment supplied by us are manufactured by Combijet in Cyprus and come with an EC mark.

We provide an after sales services to all Combijet products supplied by us and we are the technical support for buyers of Combijet products in UAE.

"The use of jet blasting technology allows works to be carried out in an environmentally friendly manner within areas where other conventional blasting methods would be impossible to operate."

  • Removal of marine growth, barnacles, loose paint and rust on ship hulls, docks, ballasts, platforms, storage tanks and boilers.
  • Cleaning of pipes, cylinder pins, cross decks, chains and balance tanks from hull, cargo holds, deck and structures
  • Paraffin and crude residues on platforms and storage tanks
  • Removal of drilling mud and cement from drilling pipes
  • Cleaning and Blasting of heat exchangers and tube bundles, especially for shutdown jobs
Civil Engineering & Mining
  • Cleaning of asphalt, dirt, concrete, mortar, tar, grease, mastic and clay on vehicles, mixer trucks and machinery
  • Pre-maintenance cleaning of dumpers, drag lines, underground haulage lines and shaſts; aids in the recovery of ore
  • Maintenance and Surface preparation of Steel (bars, pipes, cylinders, surfaces) for removal of rust/old paint and preparing them for coating