Measurement Systems

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We are the distribution partner for Gamperl and Hatlapa and we offer a range of measurement systems designed and manufactured by Gamperl and Hatlapa in Germany.

The Gamperl and Hatlapa measurement systems include monitors that can be used within the operators cabin or within the office. The monitors provide a method for visualising data such as drilling depth, concrete pressure, flow rates, quantities, etc.

Each measurement system is complimented with the necessary hardware such as sensor and flow meter equipment required to measure depths, flow rates, etc.

We can provide custom solutions tailor made to the clients requirements and the equipment we supply comes with commisioning, installation and after sales support as required.

"Measurement data can be received wirelessly through the Gamperl and Hatlapa smart phone app available for download on apple store or google play."

Programmed Software

The software technology behind the measurement system is programmed in house by Gamperl and Hatlapa and can be customised to the individual client requirements. The software programmed by Gamperl and Hatlapa is intuitive and easy to understand. Single-, daily- and weekly reports can be provided both online and offline.

The Gamperl and Hatlapa measurement system is a versatile product and can be used in a number of different industry applications such as;

  • Oil and gas
  • Petrochemicals
  • Civil Engineering
  • Heavy Lifting